About Search Gem

Search Gem is essentially a free directory for UK businesses run by Truesilver.

In the lead up to the launch of the website on 1st July 2012, you can upload your information for free and link back to your website. On 1st July your details will go live and this can help improve your SEO as well as give you a little advertising for free.

In August 2012 we will be introducing free event and networking listings, followed by a free helpful advice and blogs section in September. Registered members in the UK will be able to submit free business advice articles or blogs for feature on the site.

Though the word 'free' often turns the best of people into skeptics, we promise that your free listing will remain on the site (and remain free) and that we will not sell your details to third parties - though we may keep in touch with you once a month via email newsletter.

You can remove your details from the site at any time and unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time too.

Search Gem is a free UK directory that allows you to promote your business at absolutely no charge.

You can add your business to our directory by clicking below:

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