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Privacy Policy:

Search Gem is owned by Truesilver.

As a visitor we do not collect any information about you.

Business Listings:

If you have a business and sign up for a free listing we may use cookies to record how you use our site and we will retain the information you register with us, some of which will be displayed publicly as part of your listing. Any cookies we use are temporary and removed from your computer once you close your browser. If you choose to remain logged into the site then cookies will be stored on your computer, but can be deleted at any time by using the settings section of your chosen internet program.

As part of our promise to you, we will not at any time share your private details with any third parties. Our only contact with you will be via our monthly newsletter which you can unsubscribe from whenever you wish.

You can remove your listing at any time by visiting our cancel page.

We reserve the right to remove a listing at any time - especially if it enfringes copyright, common decency, our moderators question the content or we receive a complaint about it. Therefore, we urge all businesses to ensure that their information is correct, relevant and they own all copyright.

Terms & Conditions:

By visiting our website you agree:

  • to use the site in a responsible manner
  • not to copy, use or otherwise abuse the company information listed
  • not to spam any of the businesses listed on the site
  • to use the site only for the purpose of registering your own details or finding businesses that you are genuinely interested in

  • By adding your business to our website you confirm that:

  • you are a UK based company or subsidiary
  • the information you have shared is valid and correct
  • you have the authority to share the information and any profile picture attached to it
  • any website you have linked to your profile to is suitable for all ages and registered in the UK
  • you will keep the information listed up to date on a regular basis to ensure the validity of the site
  • you will comply with any copyright and regulations that pertain to your information and/or industry
  • any claims you make on the site are legal and/or can be proven
  • you agree to our privacy policy

  • Search Gem is a free UK directory that allows you to promote your business at absolutely no charge.

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